As Vehbi Koç stated in the first lecture of Koç University on October 4, 1993, “The purpose of Koç University is to raise extraordinary young people. As the number of such young people is sufficient and they succeed in reaching the leadership positions they deserve; the future of our country shall be guaranteed… As the number of qualified individuals we educate increases, we will have the ability to serve our country better.”

Based on these words of our founder, we provide bright students from all over our country with the academic opportunities they deserve regardless of their socio-economic background.

Designed to provide wider access to high quality college education, the Anatolian Scholarship Program was launched in 2011 with scholarship funds for 14 students with the support of six sponsor companies. As of 2020, the number of students benefitting from the program reached 782, and the number of sponsor companies is nearing 280. In addition, more than 1,000 individual contributors (mostly alumni) support the program.

However, thousands of applications to our program every year continue to show the need for equal opportunities in education. Leaving behind the 25th year of the foundation of our university, we aim to bring together more students with the education opportunities they deserve and to raise them as young leaders of our future. As Vehbi Koç has once stated, the more we can provide our youth with high quality education, the better we will be able to serve our country.


All of you who have contributed to the Anatolian Scholarship Program; you have not only touched our lives but fully embraced it.

Have you ever tried to touch one’s life? With a subtle smile or a mere act of generosity? Only people who have experienced this are familiar with the pleasure and bliss that come with it. All of you who have contributed to the Anatolian Scholarship Program have not only touched our lives, but have gone further and fully embraced it. I would have never imagined that this program would change my life this much. Even the time between preparing my application and coming to campus for interviewing has been a great experience for me as I gained a whole new point of view in life. For my peers who are still thinking whether they should apply or not, I recommend them to stop thinking now and take action. And as for potential donors, I would like you to think about all those young people whose lives you can change.

Aytaç Mercan, Eskişehir
Media and Visual Arts 2018 Graduate Scholar (Class of 2000)

I will be one step closer to my dream of changing the world for disabled individuals with the help of what I will learn from Koç University.

My goal was to get the best law education at the best university. I was a very social individual in high school as I was appointed as the National Coordinator of the UNICEF Child Rights Committee. My university placement exam score after an exhausting and challenging preparation period was not enough to get the desired law education at a very good university. At that very moment, I received the best news of my life on a phone call from Koç University. I was chosen to become an Anatolian Scholar. Now I am studying in the field of my dreams and with the academic achievements I will earn here, I will be one step closer to my dream of changing the world for the disabled. My advice to my peers, coming out of a challenging high school marathon, is that they should keep on chasing their dreams and never give up. Koç University is where dreams are realized. I would like to extend my gratitude to our donors who made our dreams come true by giving this opportunity to young people from all over Türkiye and contributing to the future of our country. I hope they provide these opportunities to more children and make many more dreams come true.

Nail Ömez, Konya
Law School 2017 Doğus Group Scholar

Here I acquire the skills and competence I need to improve my country and change the world for the better.

The Anatolian Scholarship Program has been a sudden light in my life as it enlightened my way like a beacon and expanded my horizon and my mind making my dreams come true. After becoming a student here, I started to divide my life into two periods; before the Anatolian Scholarship Program and after. At Koç University, I feel worthy and self-confident, I can constantly improve myself, and I learn new things. Here I acquire the skills and competence I need to take lead in society, to improve my country and to change the world for the better. It gives me hope to know that such an initiative exists, and that I am a scholar in this program. I thank everyone who works very hard to attract new donors to the program and make scholarships available for students like myself coming from different parts of Anatolia. I hope the program extends its reach to many more students.

Batuhan Demir, İzmir
International Relations 2016, TÜSİAD Scholar

Mezun olduğumda araştırmacı, eğitici ve yol gösterici bir doktor olup şu an faydalandığım bu programa destek olarak Türk gençliğinin eğitimine ve ilerleyişine katkıda bulunacağım. Anadolu Bursiyerleri Programı, sadece eğitimde fırsat eşitliği sağlanması değil; Türkiye'de yardımseverliğin, insan sevgisinin, birlik ve beraberliğin yayılması demektir.

Kubilay Kaymaz
Amerikan Hastanesi Bursiyeri

Studying at Koç University keeps our hopes alive for a society where love and respect can co-exist and peace and science are prioritized.

I got accepted to the Anatolian Scholarship Program after graduating from Batman Science High School in 2014. Koç University contributes to its students in every field; from arts to science and sports to politics. I believe that studying here keeps us one step ahead at all times. For example, thanks to the Core Program, I acquired extensive knowledge on many different topics other than my field of study. I think this multidisciplinary scope will contribute significantly to my professional capability in the future and help me develop a broad perspective. When I am not busy with my coursework, I take part at student clubs. Studying here keeps the hope alive for a society where love and respect can co-exist and peace and science are prioritized. Keeping the education system in Türkiye in mind, I think more programs like this will help provide equal access to academic opportunities in the country. I thank Koç University, my sponsor Turcas and the Aksoy family for helping me reach my goals.

Ahmet Al, Şırnak
Electrical and Electronics Engineering - 2014 Turcas Scholar